List for 5kW DIY

List of components to make your own off-grid solar energy system. This list allows you to continue increasing your system’s power with modules without significantly changing the parts.

5600W Solar Inverter Off Grid Charger Hybrid Inverter 48V 220V1 units1
Victron Autotransformer 100Amp 120-240v1 unit2
Generac Transfer Switch 100Amp1 unit3
DC Circuit Breaker MCCB, 125Amp 12-400V 2 Pole1 unit4
AC Circuit Breaker, 100Amp 120V/240V 2 Pole1 unit5
DC Circuit Breaker 40A 1000V 2 Pole4 units6
AC Miniature Circuit Breaker, 25Amp 120V/240V 2 Pole3 units7
DC Miniature Circuit Breaker, 63Amp 1000V 2 Pole7 units8
DC Circuit Breaker with Box IP65 120A1 units9
DC Circuit Breaker DZ47Z-63/2P2 units10
Power Distribution Block Bus Bar, 4 x 5/16″ Posts, 6 x #8 Screws Terminals3 units11
18 way Outdoor Brake Box3 units12
100PCS Solar connectors -IP67 Male/Female1 packs13
Bridge Rectifier MDQ-100A 100A 1600V1 units14
Bus Bar Terminal Block 12V-48V DC1 packs15
Wire Lugs Ring Terminal Connectors M10 Pack2 packs16
Heat Shrink Tubing Kit – 3:1 Ratio Adhesive Lined1 packs17
NPT 1” White Cable Glands Wire Gland Connector1 packs18
DC Voltage Surge Arrester Device1 units19
Leviton 7313-S00 30 Amp 125 Volt1 unit20
Leviton 279-S00 50 Amp, 125/250V1 unit21
List 5kW

This system requires 12 batteries of 12V 190Ah. Our recommendation is PowerSafe™ SBS-190F batteries. Please get in touch with us for more information.

In the following Amazon links, you will find different battery options.

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