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List for a 15kW DIY

Welcome to our comprehensive part list for building a 15kW off-grid solar installation! Going off the grid can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and become more self-sufficient. Building your off-grid system can be a rewarding and cost-effective experience with the right tools and knowledge. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the essential components needed to get started. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a beginner, this list will provide you with a clear understanding of the parts required for your off-grid project. So, let’s get started!

Links to AmazonDescriptionQuantity
5500W Solar Inverter 48V DC to 220V-230V AC, 5.5KW3 units
Autotransformer 120v/240v 100Amp
1 unit
Transfer-Switch Generac 100Amp 120/240 Single Phase
1 unit
DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB, 250Amp 12-400V 2 Pole
1 unit
ECO-WORTHY 6 String PV Combiner Box(Mental Case) & 63A Circuit Breakers for Solar Panels
1 unit
Power Outlet Panel 20-30-50Amp
1 unit
DC Circuit Breaker 125Amp 500v 2p
3 units
DC Circuit Brakers 40Amp 1000v 2p
7 units
AC Circuit Breaker 32Amp 120/240v
2 units
Screw Terminal Strip Blocks 125Amp
2 units
Master Switch Exterior Box 660V 125Amp 3p 3p
1 unit
24 Way Distribution Protection Box
2 units
Pack 1″ White Cable Gland Wire
1 pack
100 pcs Solar Connector Male/Female
1 pack
Pack Wire Lugs Ring Terminal Connectors M103 packs
Pack Heat Shrink Tubing Kit-1:1 Ratio Adhesive Lined1 pack
AC Miniature Circuit Breaker, 125 Amp 120V/240V 2 Pole2 units

List 15kW Solar Power Off-grid

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