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Home Miscellaneous Kobi Electric K6Q1 700 lm 2700K LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture, 28″, White Finish

Kobi Electric K6Q1 700 lm 2700K LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture, 28″, White Finish


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Under-cabinet Lighting for any application kitchen, bathroom, office, and more
Instantly on and not flicker, start with even light distribution to illuminate the depth of the countertop.
28” in length at 700 lumens of Warm white light.
The easy-to-install kit includes everything needed to mount to the underside of the wall cabinet with a direct wire setup.
Installation hardware: 6 3/8-inch knockout, cable connector for direct wiring, mounting hardware, wiring hardware.

The Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Fixture offers a lighting solution for those dark spaces beneath cabinetry. It is ideal for residential, hospitality, office, and retail segments. The low-profile design and substantial light output make this product perfect for home or office use. Whether under cabinets in a kitchen, office, workshop, or other applications where cabinetry or other overhead furniture can obscure lighting, the Kobi Electric under-cabinet fixture offers well-distributed, white light for otherwise dark spaces. The under-cabinet fixture offers one of the best CRI values of Kobi Electric’s LED lighting products. Because of the light diffusion, these lights also cast soft shadows that don’t cause issues with essential tasks. The under-cabinet fixture can be chained together to provide coverage for longer cabinetry runs. A junction box is available separately when needed for installation.

Application Notes – Operating temperature ranges between -20°C and +45°C (-4°F and +113°F). Suitable for indoor/damp locations and sheltered outdoor use. Specification – Color: Warm White; Luminous Flux: 700; Equivalent: 45 Watt; Housing: Aluminum/Plastic; Lens: Frosted Polycarbonate; Power: 120V; Beam: 110°.


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