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Brighten Your Space with Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Lighting at 50% Off!

Introduce a warm and welcoming glow to your home or office with the Kobi Electric K6Q1 700 Lm 2700K LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture, now available at an unbelievable 50% discount! This 28” white-finished lighting marvel is a vision of elegance and a hub of functionality, perfect for any application—be it your kitchen, bathroom, or office.

Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate the Unseen

The Kobi Electric under-cabinet fixture answers those dark spaces beneath cabinetry that often go unnoticed. With an impressive 700 lumens of warm white light, it’s designed to illuminate the depth of your countertop instantly without a flicker, ensuring an even light distribution that’s gentle on the eyes. The low-profile design melds effortlessly with your decor while providing substantial light output, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces.

Easy Installation, Seamless Integration

Are you worried about the setup? Fret not! The Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Lighting has an easy-to-install kit that includes everything you need for a direct wire setup under the wall cabinet. Installation is a breeze with a 6 3/8-inch knockout, a cable connector for direct wiring, mounting hardware, and wiring hardware. Once installed, its sleek white finish and slender design will blend seamlessly, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Expandable Lighting Solution

Have an extended cabinetry run? No problem! The Kobi Electric under-cabinet fixture can be chained together to provide extensive coverage. And if you need a junction box for installation, it’s available separately. It’s a versatile lighting solution tailored to meet your needs.

Superior Light Quality

Boasting one of the best Color Rendering Index (CRI) values among Kobi Electric’s LED lighting products, this under-cabinet fixture ensures that the colors in your space appear as they indeed are. The frosted polycarbonate lens diffuses the light beautifully, casting soft shadows that won’t interfere with your tasks.

Technical Excellence

Operable between a temperature range of -20°C and +45°C (-4°F and +113°F), and suitable for indoor/damp locations as well as sheltered outdoor use, the Kobi Electric under-cabinet fixture is a testament to technical excellence. With a luminous flux of 700, equivalent to 45 watts, housed in a durable aluminum/plastic body and powered by 120V, it’s engineered for performance.

Grab Yours Today!

Don’t miss this chance to own the Kobi Electric K6Q1 LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture at half the price! Illuminate your countertops, accentuate your decor, and enjoy a brighter, warmer space today.

Get yours now!

Take advantage of this unbeatable offer and redefine the lighting in your space with Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Lighting. Remember, good lighting is the cornerstone of a beautiful, functional space!

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